Tails of the AfterGlow

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Tails of the AfterGlow

Tails of the Afterglow is a unique collection of 4,266 dope foxes roaming around the grounds of Polygon Blockchain.

Your TAG NFTs will grant you premium member-only benefits, including access to VIP facilities, exclusive discord channels, and early scholarship programs. Owning one of these unique artworks will also give you the chance to have limited edition merchandises and Real Deal Guild badges that are highly reputable in the NFT world.

With their prestige and aesthetic, these TAGs are here to rule the metaverse.

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The golden sun has already rested on the West. The streaks of its light continued to glisten in the mirrors surrounding the mighty buildings of the city.

For a second, the vast sky was drenched in pastel hues, until it turned into a pitch dark blanket of the void with the full moon hanging on its usual spot. At the heart of the city where lifeless buildings stood tall, these creatures roam the place like their own.

Tales have told that they were more active at night and lucky are those who have seen one...


TAG Holder Benefits

Foxes unite! Tails of the AfterGlow is on the way to give you unique privileges to look forward to as we go through.


NFT holder Tier 1 with 1 to 6 foxes in a den, you are privileged to have the following benefits:

Scholarship Raffle Entry for Future P2E Games
2% Profit Share to TAG Revenue


NFT holder Tier 2 with 7 to 10 foxes in a den, you will be given the following benefits:

Scholarship Raffle Entry for Future P2E Games
3% Profit Share to TAG revenue


NFT holder Tier 3 with at least 11 foxes in a den, you are guaranteed the following benefits:

Private and Pre-sale Access to All Future Drops
Guaranteed Scholarship Slot on Future P2E Games
5% Profit Share to TAG Revenue

Partnership Perks

Small businesses partnered and affiliated with Tails of the AfterGlow will have a chance to promote and have more engagements, allowing TAG holders to avail of exclusive discounts and merchandise from them.

Those interested can pick either of the tiers present with their conditions:

Tier I

At least 15% discount to all TAG Holders

Partnership announcement/boosting on Tails of the AfterGlow’s official social media pages

Logo/Brand placement at the official website of Tails of the AfterGlow

Tier II

10% discount to all TAG Holders

Partnership announcement/boosting on Tails of the AfterGlow’s official social media pages



On the way to the Skulk’s Den, the Tails of the Afterglow must first make their touchdowns. Expect more over time until we reach the fullest.

  • 578 lands in Rebel Bots were acquired already. These are to be distributed accordingly, so expect updates when all are ready to be given to all.
  • The official merchandise is gradually being dispatched to different tiers and locations who filled out the form announced previously. Each tier was given different sets: the higher the tier, the greater the rewards.


    Shirt, Bag, Stickers, and Gratitude Card


    Shirt, Bag, Stickers, Gratitude Card, and ID Lace


    Shirt, Bag, Stickers, Gratitude Card, ID Lace, Cap, Tumbler, and Box


    F A Q

    Find the answers for the most frequently asked questions below.

    • Tails of the AfterGlow is a set of 4,266 NFT collectibles by Real Deal Guild, one of the pioneering communities in blockchain-based play-to-earn games.

    • Real Deal Guild (RDG) is a reputable and trusted social community of players who help each other discover and explore profit-making opportunities made possible by cryptocurrency and gaming. As one of the earliest adopters of blockchain-based games, RDG belongs amongst the most renowned guilds in the Philippines that mobilized the play-to-earn revolution. With over 63,000 members and counting, RDG continues to grow and educate its community about the Metaverse, crypto gaming, NFTs, and the blockchain technology that powers them.

    • Tails of the AfterGlow, aligned with Real Deal Guild’s mission, aims to build a community and give economic opportunities to every individual through play to earn revolution.

    • Tails of the AfterGlow intends to educate all holders about the wide-ranged possibilities in the blockchain - NFTs, Trading, and Play to Earn, especially those who want to start exploring more into the metaverse through TAG.

    • Tails of the AfterGlow holders have the opportunity to access limited merchandise drops and participate in our NFT and whitelist giveaways.

    • Tails of the AfterGlow allots 10% of its revenue, including revenue from P2E games and merchandise sales, to the holders. This amount is further subdivided into 5%, 3%, and 2% shares for Alpha, Beta, and Gamma respectively. The distributions are made twice a year, every six months.

    • Giving scholarships from your assets will be your decision to make. However, it is recommended to provide at least 30% profit sharing for the renters while the rest is for the owner.
      Meanwhile, if the scholarship was given by TAG, you may only rent it for five months, like how the RDG scholarship system works.

    • The collection can be found on the secondary market – MagicedenIf you are interested, some may be selling theirs on it. However, we encourage holders to tame your mysterious, dope-looking foxes until you experience all the privileges you will get along with them.

    Our Team

    Meet and greet our team members.

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    Red Fox

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    Co-founder/Marketing Head
    Tibetan Fox

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    Creative Director
    Hoary Fox

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    Corsac Fox

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    Head Writer
    Visionary Fox

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    H.R Manager
    All-around Fox

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    Marketing and Social Media Officer
    Storytelling Fox

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    Senior Graphic Artist
    Artsy Fox

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    Community Moderator
    Sechuran Fox

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    Ambitious Fox

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    Smooth Fox

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    Master Kamote

    Night Hunter Fox

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    Papa Bii

    Daddy Fox